Hansen, McClintock & Riley is regularly involved in rule-making procedures before Iowa Administrative agencies as well as successfully representing individuals and companies before administrative agencies in contested case proceedings. Our attorneys represent clients from all over the state, many by referral throughout the United States in administrative and judicial matters.

We have appeared before a number of the healthcare regulatory boards, including, but not limited to, the Iowa Board of Medicine and the Iowa Board of Nursing. We have also appeared before the Iowa Insurance Department, the Iowa Real Estate Commission and the Iowa Professional Licensing Board for Certified Public Accountants and many other Boards and Commissions. The firm receives calls from all over the United States from licensed professionals and receives referrals through the State of Iowa because of the firm’s extensive background and experience in this field.

One of our attorneys was involved in the most extensive re-write of the Iowa Administrative Code that governs all of these procedures and, as a consequence, has lectured extensively on this subject.